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Here are the reasons why you need to use Tiktok Ads

TikTok is a social media that allows users to upload videos that are 15-60 seconds long. Videos usually contain music and conversation. Starting as a video sharing application, TikTok can now be used to promote products and services. Here are the reasons why you need to promote your business using tiktok ads.

Reasons and advantages of Promotion using Tiktok

1. Tiktok Features Easy to Use

Not everyone has video editing skills, but TikTok makes it easy for users to use it by providing various tools such as starting and stopping recording, timer, and more. Apart from that, TikTok has various visual filters, time effects, transitions, stickers, greenscreens, text, emojis, GIFs and more.

2. Have Many Users

TikTok has up to 800 million active users. The average TikTok user opens the app 8 times a day. This shows that TikTok is a social media that is often opened. Promote your products on TikTok with engaging content and appropriate hashtags to get more people to see your products or brand.

In fact, TikTok is now known to many influencers or celebrities in general with TikTok ads. With the popularity of this app, TikTok's content has become more and more diverse. You can find various types of information related to health, education ranging from universities and also promoting and branding business or selling products through TikTok.

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3. Popular with Teenagers

If the target market for the product you are selling is teenagers, you should also advertise on TikTok. Donny Eryastha, a Head of Public Policy at TikTok Indonesia, explained that TikTok users in Indonesia are dominated by Generation Y and Z, aged 14-24 years. In addition, the millennial generation is also a generation that is more consumptive and impulsive

4. Hashtag for discover feed

TikTok ads have a hashtag feature that makes it easy for users to find the content they need. To take advantage of this feature, set a product-related hashtag that is topical, easy to remember. Add #fyp to show content on other users' pages. When content is successfully entered in FYP, you usually get lots of likes, comments and shares.

You can also create new challenges with TikTok such as to promote products, promote jingle products or cover dances. Several international artists have done this including Kang Daniel, Zico, and Justin Bieber. That way, the product or work that you put out will be better known by the wider community

5. Maximize Reach

TikTok also has an advertising platform that you can use to maximize the reach of the content you create. Creating a TikTok ad is not difficult and you only need to open the TikTok ads page and enter some of the requested data. Then define your ad creation goals, set goals and budget, upload a video or photo, and you're done.

These 5 things are the reason why you need to use TikTok advertising to introduce the products you use. You will get more benefits when using this type of advertising. This happens because application one is being widely used and known by teenagers who are known to be very consumptive

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